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are leaving. captioned by the national captioning institute 5 diggs stories beginning with a tirade before a dead disaster. the promise her more strife before tomorrow's big vote. outraged targeting an officer under arrest, and message from a
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family. a big problem. >> hundreds could lose their air-conditioning. >> this cnn anchor has a new job. live and in hd, this is abc7 news at. our breaking news comes in from the district or we have learned about two women had been stabbed. john gonzales is live on the scene. >> it appears a street fight turned a very violent in northeast d.c. tonight. a group of young women attacked another woman and started beating her. police got a call just after 9:00 tonight. when they arrived they found two women suffering from stab
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wounds. police still have the area closed off. pinel clothing and flip-flops are strewn across the sidewalk. we do know that one woman was transported to local hospital. the one other woman was treated at the scene. police have created a large perimeter tonight searching for the suspect including searching the parking lot of the home depot. we do understand that at least one young woman has been taken to local police station for questioning. she is not being called a suspect right now. all eyes will be on the capital just hours from now. five days before the federal government could go into default. the nation is waiting for any news of a compromise between republicans and democrats. so far, it has been nothing but a war of words. >> the house is set to vote
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tomorrow on the john boehner bill. however, there is concern that he may not have support from all the republicans. wall street is now expressing significant concerns. the dow dropped about 200 points today. main street, they are angry. they're flooding capitol hill's call center. tired of battling back insurrection in his own party john boehner held a meeting with all house republicans. he aimed a blunt message at the tea party. did you are -- get your ass in line with the budget plan. i cannot do this job without you behind me. some republicans may not support the speakers effort. >> armageddon happens at midnight august 3. it is not true. >> 53 senators, all the
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democrats and two independent sent this letter to john boehner today opposing his plan. it would cut about $900 billion in spending. >> the bill remains a non starter in the senate. the president will never sign a. the speaker is wasting precious time. >> the president supports harry reid's plan to raise the debt ceiling through 2012 immediately. cut more than $2 trillion in spending. republicans say it is full of gimmicks. the still night and living default prompted the chief financial officer to send this letter urging a definitive plan that prioritizes the district's payment and allows us to take all the actions necessary to avoid obligating funds we do not have. we spoke with councilman jack evans today, on the fund. he said he is very concerned about the situation at the debt ceiling is not raised.
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we will be in a situation were there will be bills they have to pay and others they can skip. >> we are working all delayed development in the gatt showdown and we will have much more coming up tonight at 11 pop 30. -- 11:30. hundreds of people face losing their power due to a big problem between a condo association and pepco. this is all unfolding at the parkway condominiums. the emotional face-off is taking place. >> this condo building is way behind on its electric bill. by the middle of next month, it will be more than $100,000 in debts. pepco send out these notices telling residents, it is about to cut off electricity. the warning stick some residents by surprise. >> pepco distributed a notice on
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monday that the power was going to be turned off. >> they have 108 units. there is fear about elevators no longer running. >> i would have to go to family. luckily, i have money -- i have family. >> owners pay a fluctuating condo fee. the combined feet is supposed to cover the electric bill for the entire building. >> we did not know what was happening. but they confronted the board members responsible for running the building and paying the bills. it wanted to know why pepco did not get paid some $90,000. >> we do not have the money to pay pepco at present. >> members of the boards did about 20% of the units are in foreclosure. half of the other owners are behind on condo fees. >> in this room right now i could put my finger on less than 10 people who pay their fees on a regular basis. but some owners did not by the explanation. >> even if people are not
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paying, you have reserves to cover things. where is the reserve money? >> representatives from pepco attended the faceup but refused to speak publicly about their plan. >> there was a delinquency on the account. we think there are ways to fix that. >> so far, no word of any kind of deal between the condo board and pepco other than they do plan to meet again sometime next week. an august 8 deadline for cutting off the power still looms. those folks up plenty of reason to worry about air conditioning but we are all going to need it seemed. another round of intense heat and humidity are on the horizon. >> it was another comparable day. another 90-degree day. this july is turning out to be our hottest month of all time. because the humidity was lower it did not feel like 93.
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so far with today, and with the next few days, we are closing in on what we set for a record number of 90-degree days last summer. this july will even be hotter than last july. would you rather have a heat wave or a snowstorm? paul d. think most folks responded to our online poll? i will join you in a few minutes. i will tell you about that later on. new escalators are common to one of the busiest stations. metro and general manager says that all three escalators at the bethesda stop will be replaced. the project is not expected to start until 2014. metro is working to replace the troubled escalators, which has been in the spotlight for the
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past year. coming up, alex put his own safety in jeopardy all in the name of fighting crime. see what happened. sex and violence all tied to an officer. the victim's family shares their outrage with us.
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there is a new development at the phone tapping scandal. tonight, the attorney general are colder says siebel meet with september 11 family members. investigators are trying to determine whether a police officer turned private investigator was approached by a journalist and offered to pay him to get private phone records of the 9/11 victims. an fbi investigation is ongoing. news corp. is denying any wrongdoing. we are getting a better look
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at the man who police are calling the serial slasher. police believe that he is responsible for at least five attacks. authorities say that in each case, the suspect distracted a young teenage shopper and cut her backside with a sharp object. profilers believe the suspect supper's from the sexual disorder. it is likely that he will strike again. a fired controversial cnn anchor has a new job. >> it was very infuriating. >> gene gillette was in court today facing 12 charges. his victim was not here. we spoke with his
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11 with leon harris, alison starling bob ryan. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. a local family is outraged weeks after their -- police say their son was attacked and shot by a local police officer. we're learning more about the case against gene gillette. john gonzales has the emotional story. >> when his 20-year-old son with shot and wounded by a police officer gene gillette he immediately knew that his son was innocent. >> he said dad, it is not true.
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>> nearly a month later the 27- year-old officer has turned himself in after a grand jury charged him with attempted murder. they found the carjacking story to be a fabrication. >> you took the law into your own hands. >> the officer is accused of trying to lure the 20-year-old into is some to be part of a homemade adult film with e- mails. according to court documents when he realized it was just the two of them, he refused to the sexual advances and tried to take off. that is when he allegedly fired his service weapon at least four times. >> he has these wounds on his body for the rest of his life. >> in court today, the prosecution described how this is not the first time the officer has tried to get young men into this home. >> i hope that anyone out there
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will come forward. >> if you wanted to get away, he should have been free to walk away. >> the prosecution said prior to this instinet, the officer pulled this service weapon on another victim during a similar incident at the officers on. that time, he did not fire. the family says their son may never fully recover. he faces a maximum of life in prison. alex trebek turned into a crime fighter. the 71-year-old interest but that is like chasing a robert at a san francisco hotel. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning chasing a burglar downhaul -- down the hall at my hotel until
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my achilles' tendon ruptured and i fell in a heap. >> alex trebek recalled his attack before a crowd at the national geographic competition. >> police arrested a female suspect and they charged her with a burglary. rick sanchez has a new job tonight. he will be the new catalyst for the florida international university. he worked for the cnn for six years but was fired after making some controversial comment about john stuart. more than 100 -- each year, the ponies are auctioned off to raise money for the volunteer fire fighters.
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this one began back in 1925. that is a site. >> wonderful day. blue sky even though it was another hot day. is still makes you feel good. it was only 93. outside, a beautiful sunset. you can see the sun is low and those different layers break up the sunshine from a perfect circle. breaking it up into little pieces. that is what causes the maros -- mirage. our temperature made it up to above 90. those evenings are getting a little bit earlier. we are losing a minute per day. four weeks from now the sun sets will be 7:51. look at what is going on around the country.
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look at the poor folks in the mid part of the country. oklahoma city, 107 degrees. that is the sixth time oklahoma city has been 105 or higher and 23 out of the 27 days this month, oklahoma city has been above 100 degrees. the hottest month ever there. the hottest month that we will ever have in washington, too. the heat index is only 82. heat advisories and warnings are rounded part of the country. some of it will be moving our way. up to the north there has been a cluster of storms. the tropics are really beginning to come alive. this is tropical storm don. it is 40 miles per hour, no big threats. the very latest track does take
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it toward the central texas coast, which could be some good news because those are the areas around houston that have been having that terrible drought. it could be bringing some needed moisture. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 60's. rather comfortable. as we get into noontime, are temperatures get up into the 90's. as we get into the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid 90's. the humidity will be coming back. 98 to 95 degrees tomorrow afternoon. friday, i am afraid that we will see 100 again with a heat index of 105. a risk of some afternoon thundershowers. ready or not, here comes august. it looks like the 90's, though not quite as siemens next week.
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the office are rest is our top trending story on also trending is the serial slasher. we will update you on all the people that the redskins are getting. an interesting day. the national's look for a walk off in the ninth tonight. did they get it? i will show you. the redskins get a quality quarterback.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. donovan mcnabb has not reworked his contract with the minnesota vikings. they are finalized a deal that will send him to minnesota and to give the redskins a six-round draft pick. the paperwork is being completed as we speak and it will be announced tomorrow. they did not want to pay him the $10 million roster bonus. the bottom line, donovan mcnabb
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fits well with the offense and he would be a great role model for the rookie quarterback. he was appreciated in the redskins' locker room as well. >> he is one of my good friends and i am sad to see us -- see him leave us. you will be missed. he is a well polished player. best of luck to him. >> a definite professional. the redskins acquired quarterback clinton. they were actively adding players on the roster all day. they now have 14 wide receivers ready for camp. it is not just receivers. they help themselves on the defensive line when they signed a starting defensive lineman for the giants. i played with his dad. wilson was a great player.
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carlos rogers -- there are two terps. let's go to baseball. the nationals are really struggling right now. they have lost four in a row and davey johnson has lost 16 of his 25 games here as skipper. you have to love the way they battle. the national has scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth. it was a 7-5 game. look out. did you touch the ball game? -- did he tied the ball game? the nationals loose to the fish. the final was 7-5. college football teams report next week. this afternoon the university of north carolina fired their head coach. they are investigating nine major violations in north carolina in the football program. the school has supported the
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coach during the investigation. i was with him on monday. he told me that he had support from all of the front office people but tonight, he is gone. let's give the props to santana of the angels. he had a no-hitter today.
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can you give this to -- can you give this to a way that will make us like it? >> how about october? we asked folks would rather have a heat wave or a snowstorm? 59% would rather have a snowstorm. what i'm going to do is we will ask the same question in
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